CommStaff is a Global Business and Technology Services company specialized in the areas of Managed Telecommunications Services, Information Security, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Software Development & integration.

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Our skill in operation and development, in combination with our efficient tools, let us excel at solving complex business challenges.

Managed Services

CommStaff employs experienced Project Managers, Telecom Engineers, and IT professionals for Onsite and Offsite Managed Services. Our experience extends across Vendor Platforms for 3G/4G, CDMA/EVDO or GSM/UMTS/LTE Technologies in RF, Packet/Circuit Core, RAN, IMS, EPC and OSS/BSS services. We manage and operate service providers’ networks, enterprise networks and customer service (contact center) operations sustaining optimal service levels.

Operations & Maintenance

One of our core areas of expertise is operations and maintenance for Mobile, Fixed operators and ISPs. We implement proactive maintenance procedures in service support and delivery in order to eliminate or minimize the number of issues that might disrupt the operation. Our advanced technical support team has experience in troubleshooting and resolving network issues in addition to 24/7 emergency on-call support.

Network Planning, Design & Implementation

We design and plan mobile and broadband networks to fulfill the requirements of the business and ensure that the growth plan is in line with the forecast of the operation. We address capacity and growth plans for broadband networks, 3/4G networks, design for upcoming 5G network transitions and in-building solutions.

Business sensitive planning is key to great performance levels, preventing overspend. Optimally planned networks as well as customer service operations are key to profitability, cost optimization and an impeccable image.

Our organization provides planning services, design, engineering, deployment and operation of networks, according to what the customer may specifically require. We can however also provide Turnkey solutions covering the entire business cycle including vendor procurement, plan, build (core and RF), install, implement, network migration, testing (e.g RF drive testing and performance testing) and full operation of mobile, broadband and data center solutions.


Our customers are Telecom Service Providers and enterprises that require support in planning, rollout, operation and optimization of their core infrastructure (cellular, broadband, data networks) or improvement of their operational and technology processes, especially security, billing, provisioning or customer service.

Our strengths are provided by highly skilled and experienced professionals supported by modular applications designed to adapt to business processes. Our extensive talent pool across the globe allows us to meet customer demands quickly. Commstaff professionals are highly skilled and experienced with degrees and certifications in all areas of Telecommunications and Information Technology.


The classic scenarios… the need for a real time network dashboard, many windows and many applications open to accomplish for one single transaction for customer service… Megs Holdings can provide one simple solution to convert multiple vendor technologies and solutions into a single screen/single processing view. Network KPI dashboards, alarm views and CSR activity maps. Our modular, open architecture design adapts to the context and is able to consolidate your information into one master view and one master database to reduce information entropy and privide ease of use.

We offer complete lifecycle of Solution Development in IT and Telecom Space with full technical Support. Our Solutions are custom built. We support our customers in specifying and modeling the required solutions with use case models which ensure that the specific business challenges are covered and solved.

Service provisioning is key in the product lifecycle but also a business risk if not executed correctly. We provide the perfect tools and solutions in order to make circuit provisioning, switch provisioning and general service provisioning easy and safe to manage. We include all the fundamentals for setting up your service: configuration, wiring, equipment, even transmission.

Our performance tests can determine the capabilities and effectiveness of your hardware, network and software. Megs Holdings designs custom test cases to ensure you are getting the most out of your systems. Our tests and diagnostic aids detect where bottlenecks occur, and offer solutions to address the source of delay in your IT, broadband and mobile networks (Core and RAN). We provide optimization packages for data and core networks as well as Drive Testing and parameter optimization for mobile/cellular networks.

As experienced systems integrators, Megs Holdings can eliminate risks and ensure your cloud integration is seamless. We provide the consultation and implementation needed to ensure the best possible cloud strategy is implemented and all your business and technical requirements are exceeded.

CommStaff excels at handing your Physical and Logical inventory. Our capacity planning ensures your business runs smoothly with features such as low inventory alerts and automatic notifications. We can optimize your supply chain of liquid stock including: SIM cards, Handsets, Vouchers and even your IP/ATM Transport network.